Why us


The University of Arizona African Students’ Association (UA-ASA) is blessed to have this opportunity to get an education at this prestigious institution. To show our gratitude for the outstanding education we are receiving here at the U of A, we donate a huge portion of our funds annually to empower children in Africa through education. These funds help pay for their school fees and provide much needed school supplies and food. We work hand in hand with our great partner, World Vision, a non-profit organization to reach this goal.

The People/Talent:

The UA-ASA is breath-taking because of all of its beautiful members! Every person works hard to make this club a very fun and successful one. ASA is made up of a variety of different African cultures, as well as people of other nationalities. But one thing we all have in common is our enormous sense of humanity! We believe that every human being is equal and despite their background, culture, language gender/sex. Come and add your talent to this magnificent club! We have singers, musicians; improve actors, poets, writers, scientist, mathematicians, linguists and inspirational speakers, just to name a few. However, we could always use more talent; your talent!

Social Calendar/Events:

As a club, we manage to stay very busy with various fundraising events for our own club, as well as participating in the events with other campus clubs and off- campus organizations. Every year we host two major events; the Fashion Show and the Banquet. These events allow us to raise funds for our children and the club so we can continue to reach our main goals of providing for our children’s education, have great time and bring the campus community together!

The Fashion:

There is absolutely no question that the continent of Africa is endowed with beautiful and unique fashion. From Nigeria in the West to Somalia in the East, and everywhere in between, Africa has got a fashion style like none other. Come to our meetings and events and experience some amazing and colourful fashion from our lovely UA-ASA members!