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The creation of Beta Sigma Epsilon came from a brilliant, Navajo student; Nathan Pryor, who in his junior year (2000) found data on Native American from the University of Arizona's fact book (version 2001).  He noticed a trend of the general UA male retention rates from the period of 1989 to 1996, but saw a 20% decrease of Native American male retention rates.  Mr. Pryor also observed that there was a lack of involvement among Native American males on campus and in student organizations.  To address this problem, Mr. Pryor started to brainstorm using the concept of campus urban settings to help ease the transitional problem for the rural influenced Native American males.  When exposed to the Native American resources on campus, Mr. Pryor started to network with the administration and found it beneficial to his idea of a fraternity.  He started the fraternity that was geared to provide campus involvement, opportunities and growth and to address the issue of Native American retention.  The Greek Life office at the university was more than willing to help establish the fraternity, which spawned Beta Sigma Epsilon's start.

With the help from Eric Riggs, Navajo, both completed the foundations of what BΣE stands for.  Also with the help of Harold Kirby (former industrial quality assurance specialist), the group develop a strategic plan and achieved the goal of getting recognized by the UA's Inter-fraternal Council (IFC).  From February to August 2000, the mission statement, constitution, and by-laws were all created.  During that same time period, there was recruitment of potential members, but they chose not to follow through with the organization.  During the summer of 2000, other professionals finalized and help out with the implementation process and the completed in the fall of 2000.  Co-founders, Nathan Pryor and Eric Riggs along with the charter members presented the chapter and mission statement to three UA committees.  With the approval from these three committees, BΣE was formally recognized by the Inter-fraternal Council (IFC) and the University of Arizona.

In the 2003 Fall semester, the fraternity said good bye to Aleena Hernandez.  Ms. Hernandez was the BΣE chapter advisor from 2002 to 2003, and was recognize in 2002, as a honorable mention for Outstanding Advisor.  Currently Joseph Hiller, Associate Dean of Agriculture, is the chapter's current advisor.

The fraternity has grown over the past couple of years and just recently had successfully established a second chapter in Flagstaff Arizona.  At Northern Arizona University, a group of Native American male students worked hard for the past few years to establish a Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Epsilon, and there hard work paid off in January 2004.  On January 31, 2004, Northern Arizona University (NAU) had successfully established a Beta Chapter for future NAU members.

The future is looking to be promising; the "Beta Sig" will continue to serve it's Native American community and uphold the circle of honor among its members.  Members will continue to be leaders and take leadership roles while participating with on-campus activities.  For the success of its future members, Beta Sigma Epsilon had established an academic endowment that will promote a positive, scholastic environment at the University of Arizona.

Cited sources:        Pryor, Nathan.  "The Creation of a Native American Fraternity", 2002

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