Campus Christian Center
CCC Ministry Websites:

+ Episcopal Campus Ministry

+ Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA)

+ Lutheran Student Fellowship (LC-MS)

+ Methodist Campus Ministry

+ Presbyterian Campus Ministry

Weekly Events:


10:30am: Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA) Worship

2:00pm: Lutheran Student Fellowship (LC-MS) Worship

6:00pm: Episcopal Eucharist & Dinner


12:15pm: Episcopal Eucharist w/ Discussion

6:00pm: Presbyterian Dinner & Worship


5:30pm: Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCA) Vespers & Dinner

6:30pm: Methodist Worship & Meal (next door at First United Methodist Church)


6:00pm: Episcopal Program & Dinner

6:00pm: Lutheran Student Fellowship (LC-MS) Bible Study



The Campus Christian Center (CCC) is an ecumenical center
that houses five campus ministries at the U of A.
Stop by and check us out!

2007-2008 CCC Calendar of Events

715 N Park Ave.
(between First United Methodist Church and Jimmy John's)
(520) 623-7575