Philosophy Club

Third Annual Southwest Student Philosophy Conference

Spring 2007 Speaker Series

Welcome to the University of Arizona Philosophy Club!

The undergraduate Philosophy Club at the University of Arizona is a club for anyone interested in philosophy.  The club meets regularly in an informal setting for an intellectually stimulating exchange of philosophical ideas.  Students have the opportunity to discuss controversial moral and political issues, theories they have heard about, interesting class discussions, and any other philosophical problems.

Anyone with an interest in philosophy is invited to join the Philosophy Club. There are no membership fees or eligibility requirements. Students from all majors are encouraged to bring their unique perspectives to the meetings for philosophical reflection. Many of our most active members are not philosophy majors. Newcomers to philosophy are always welcome to join the discussions and participate in club activities.

Meetings for the Spring 2007 Semester will be held just about every Tuesday night starting at 6:00pm in the Student Union.

We'll be bouncing back and forth between the Madera room and Picacho room all semester. Check the front page of the Yahoo site and Union map to know when and where.