International Student Fellowship

(Tucson, Arizona)

Who We Are

We are a group of mainly international students who are committed to being disciples of Jesus Christ and serving him among the nations of the world.

What do we do?

"On Friday nights we meet near campus for fellowship, Bible study and sharing. We begin the evening with a meal at 6:30 pm in a home near campus. Throughout the week, we also have one-to-one Bible studies on campus. Once a year during Springbreak, we have a Bible retreat where with a speaker comes and shares with us,leading to stimulating Bible discussion. Throughout the year, we also go hiking and camping, as well attending various conferences and seminars."

International Student Pickup

"We provide pickup service for international students from the Tucson International Airport to the UofA campus area. Please contact us in advance and provide us your travel information. This service is free as we consider it a privilege to serve in this way."

Contact Us

If you need a ride from the airport, need more information about who we are or what we do, or want a ride to Friday Night Fellowship, please contact us at 520-321-4343 or"