Eligibility Requirements

Eligible candidates fall into five general categories:

  • Undergraduate Students in top 1/8 of junior or top 1/5 of senior engineering class
  • Graduate Students in top 1/5 of engineering class
  • Alumni of the chapter's institution who were eligible as students
  • Alumni of other institutions who were eligible as students
  • Engineers of high attainment in the profession, regardless of academic background


Hey initiates! We're glad that you've decided to see what Tau Beta Pi is all about. We think you'll really enjoy being part of this club. Between the socials, community service, and fun meeting activities, it's good to be a Tau Bete.

Since you've already been recognized as eligible for membership, there's only a few things for you to do to become a full fledged member. After a semester of being an initiate and successful completion of the tasks below, you can be initiated in as a member.

Initiation Process

Checklist for Initiation

Meeting Attendance

  • Attend 1 Informational Meeting
  • Attend All Regular Meetings

Event Participation

  • Attend a Community Service
  • Attend a Social Event
  • Participate in at least one E-Week event
  • Sign up for one tutoring time slot at the help desk

Initiation Packet (Due April 9th)

  • Letter of Recommendation Form
  • Member/Officer Signature Page
  • Photo Release Form


  • Polish one "bent"
  • Pay $110 one time-initiation fee with completed acceptance form (Due Feb 19th
  • Attend Initiation (April 27th)

Confused? Need Help?

For general initiation questions, contact our Administrative VP. Their email can be found on the officers page.

If you aren't getting emails, contact the TBP webmaster. Their email is also on the officers page.

Member Benefits

TBP Headquarters listed member benefits: Click here to view.

TBP Arizona Alpha Aftercollege.com page: Click here to view.