The free Tau Beta Pi Helpdesk service is offered every Tuesday and Wednesday in ENGR 101 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Tau Beta Pi members of all Engineering disciplines volunteer their time to tutor students at no charge, so if you are looking for help in a course that is not a general Engineering course or prerequisite, consider looking for sessions with a tutor from your major.
This Week
  • Annie Brunton: Biosystems Physics, Math, Chem 151/152
  • Madison Driskill: ChEE Physics, Chemistry, Math
  • Kaitlyn Molloy: ChEE ChEE 200 level, Chemistry
  • Kara Roberts: BME Physics, Math, Chem
  • Syeed Sweis: ME Math, Physics, AME
  • Lindsay Vermeire: ChEE Math, Physics, Chemistry
  • Brandon Black: ECE Math, Physics, ECE
  • Ezra Muir: ECE Math, Physics, ECE
Next Week
  • ViAnn Pham: ChEE Chemistry
  • Emily Schroeder: ChEE Chemistry, Physics
  • Jacob Wait: SIE Math, SIE
  • Sima Jalaleddine: ECE Programming, Circuits, Chemistry
  • Connor McCoy: ABE Math, Statics, Chemistry, Bio 181
  • Nathan Donovan: ME Math, Physics, AME
  • Muneeb Ahmed: ECE Math, Physics, Chemistry, ECE
  • Swati Chandra: BME Math, Statics, Chemistry, Physics